OUR VIEW: December brings on the giving season

Well, December is just about upon us and in the Campbell River area this truly is the giving season.

It’s this time of year when many charitable and relief campaigns get underway inspired by, of course, the gift-giving that is traditional to Christmas. If you’re giving and getting gifts, it draws attention to the “elephant in the room” that is, those among us who won’t get anything or very little while the rest of us are embroiled in a frenzy of shopping and celebrating. It’s good that giving to the less fortunate is now as much a part of the season as the office parties, the school end-of-term concerts, the festive-themed performances and, of course, the family feasts and get-togethers.

These charitable efforts are being spearheaded by community organizations like the Knights of Columbus, the Angel Tree people and many others. They all are doing great works and are worthy of your support.

So, be sure to give them some support this holiday season.