OUR VIEW: Be part of the solution

We all need to do our part to end drunk driving

While the temperatures are noticeably starting to cool – especially at night – there’s no question that summer is still in full swing. The beaches are still packed and people are still enjoying a few cold ones at backyard barbecues and gatherings.

Unfortunately, summer holidays, sunshine and high temperatures can combine to concoct a deadly cocktail of people drinking and driving, despite years of seeing the negative consequences of such actions.

RCMP hold roadblocks and police the roads best they can, but we all need to do our part to end drunk driving.

Only a concerted effort will drive the message home that we need to put the brakes on drinking and driving for good.

If you know your circumstances may include a couple of drinks, take the time to arrange a ride home or ensure you have a designated driver.

It’s much easier to take the time and plan ahead, compared to what you will deal with if you drink and get behind the wheel. It can save your life, the lives of those you love or the lives of innocent others. One bad decision can leave scars that never heal and a trail of shattered lives ruined by a booze-fuelled lapse in judgment.

You can be part of the solution by letting the police know if you see someone who is drinking and driving. While programs like drinking and driving CounterAttack and media coverage have resulted in a reduction in impaired driving offences, the sad reality is there are still people out there who just don’t get it. So please, enjoy your summer and help spread the word that there are more than just the RCMP watching.

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