OUR VIEW: All the best to our readers in 2013

We say: Let’s celebrate what makes living here special

Well, it’s bare under the Christmas tree now and the leftover turkey dishes are showing up on dinner tables around the Campbell River area.

Some will have said goodbye to loved ones or will be saying so soon. Christmas is over but the holidays continues as now we gear up for New Year’s celebrations. In many ways, we go into a little slumber in the early part of January. At least it seems to after the hectic pace of pre-Christmas preparations. We at the Campbell River Mirror hope you had a fantastic Christmas and we wish you all the best in the New Year. If your New Year’s Eve celebration involves the consumption of alcohol, we hope you do it responsibly and make plans for alternate means of getting home. Make it fun and safe when you ring in the New Year.

Then, when things have quietened down, give some thought to the year ahead. It promises to be a momentous one in the Campbell River area as two massive projects get underway and spur a sense of optimism. This region has spent the last few years holding tight after a series of economic gut-punches. We rolled with those punches quite well and we’ve learned to live with the changes. Through it all, we’ve kept close to our heart the things that make living in this region a blessing: a beautiful environment, a mild climate, friendly and generous people, loving families. All those reasons keep us here despite the challenges. Many of us have made sacrifices and adaptations that allow us to still live here. It’s a price worth paying. Because despite the difficulties, we have not seen a mass exodus of people. Let’s continue to celebrate the things that make it pleasant to live here and use those as the theme music of our march to a bright future.

Happy New Year to our readers.