Our MLA cries foul

Re: “Claire works for the North Island”

Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, comes to Cmapbell River and announces the Rural Economic Development strategy, and our MLA Claire Trevena cries foul.

A month earlier, Andrew Wilkinson, Minister of Advanced Education, comes to Campbell River and announces 13.5 million for a new trades campus for North Island College and our MLA Claire Trevena throws rocks.

Four times the funding for the North Island Hospital project has been voted on in the Legislature, four times our MLA has voted against it. That is worth repeating, she voted against the ospital project four times.

The only definitive statement from our MLA is her love of taxes. “I love taxes, taxes are good.” The people of the norht Island deserve to know what taxes she wants ton increase.

There’s a trend here, our MLA puts her party’s interest above that of the North Island. Whether it’s a mill in tough times needing a representative, a mine being impacted by tough golobal commodity prices, funding and construction of a new hospital, increased education funding, or new opportunities for employment int he NOrth Island, we can count on one thing, and that’s our MLA our vice in the Legislature, will be opposd.

Gary Bechard

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