Open net pen farming support will cost you my vote


Mr. Mayor and Campbell River Councillors,

Decades ago the provincial government brought in new fish forestry guidelines that logging companies and loggers thought would shut down the industry.

There was a motorcade from the North Island on down to Victoria where a protest took place. Hundreds perhaps even a thousand people shouted out their fear of job losses and yet the government stood firm. There was no demise and logging is still a viable industry on Vancouver Island.

Aquaculture in open net pens has been a controversial industry since it’s inception and to have the federal government shut it down should not be a surprise. What is surprising, even disappointing, is the support by you and your councillors for open net pen fish farming. Every report, whether for or against the industry admits that there is some negative impact on wild fish and wild fish are at the lowest level in the history of this civilisation. Some stocks will be extinct in our lifetime if we do not act to protect them, yet you commit yourself to unwavering support of open net pen fish farming.

The position you and the other Campbell River councillors have taken should be an election issue, be certain that none of you will ever get my vote!

With respect and without prejudice.

William C. Rogers