Most Canadians have forgotten Afghanistan

I can’t help wondering what morale is like, living in that kind of hell

I received an e-mail from my son, Colonel David Shuster, who is deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan.

I would like to quote something he wrote in this message: “We have not been able to use the internet or phone since yesterday morning. Six Americans from my base (Camp Eggers) were killed yesterday by a suicide bomber in Kabul, so they had to make sure families of the fallen were notified. It really bugs me that none of that makes the news in Canada, so everyone there thinks there is no risk anymore. Most Canadians have forgotten about Afghanistan.”

I can’t help wondering what morale is like, living in that kind of hell.

Today I went to the post office to mail a parcel to him. I have sent him parcels twice before and did not have to pay the postage because it was being sent to Belleville where the Military will take it to Afghanistan.

Today was different. I was told the postage was only covered over the Christmas season.

The money is not the point. I would pay any amount to get a parcel to him. What I am very upset about is that our troops are important enough over Christmas for this free service, but now that service is discontinued. Why? What happened to the support for our Troops. They are still over there doing their job, putting their very lives at risk.

There is something very wrong with this picture I will remain a concerned a frightened mother until he is back on Canadian soil in November..

Joy Shuster

Campbell River