Mike’s Musings: Sometimes it’s nice to just revel in innocence

Sharing some of my ‘Conversations With Sven’ Facebook posts over the years, just for fun

I thought this week I would just have a little fun in this space.

I mean, sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to not talk about serious issues or ponder ways in which we can make the world a better place – even if it’s just for a few minutes.

And so, I’d like to share a few discussions I’ve had with my kid over the past couple of years that made me chuckle enough to document them. I call them “Conversations With Sven” and post them on Facebook once in a while. My friends seem to like them, so maybe you will too.

At the very least, it’s a chance to remember, just for a short time, how children see the world around them and celebrate innocence for a couple of minutes.

Context: I suddenly brake and pull over to let ambulance pass.

Sven: What the?

Dad: It’s just an ambulance, buddy.

S: Jeez, I hope nobody’s hurt.

D: Well, obviously somebody’s hurt, or the ambulance wouldn’t be going there.

S: Well, I hope nobody is hurt too bad.

D: Me too.

S: Like, what if someone broke both their arms?

D: Yup. That would be pretty bad, I suppose.

S: I hope if that’s what happened, they’re really rich.

D: What? Why would they need to be rich if they broke both their arms.

S: So they could pay someone to feed them. They couldn’t eat if they broke both their arms.

Context: We’re eating lunch

Sven: Why are you staring at me?

Dad: I’m not staring, I’m just looking.

S: Okay.

D: Now I’m staring at you.

S: Okay, but don’t do it forever.

D: I won’t do it forever.

S: Okay, good. Just until I’m done my sandwich.

A few minutes later…

S: Dad, you’re not staring at me. I said to stare at me until I was done my sandwich. And see? (Holds up sandwich) I’m not done. So keep staring.

D: Okay. Sorry.

S: It’s okay. Just try to remember.

D: I will. (Goes back to staring)

Context: Again at the table, but this time it’s dinner. It’s about the middle of November.

Dad: You know what we should do after supper?

Sven: What?

D: We should start your Christmas wish list you were supposed to start with Mom a long time ago.

S: No, I want to do that tomorrow when it’s light out.

D: Why do you have to do it when it’s light out?

S: Because that’s my favourite.

D: What’s your favourite? Making lists when it’s light out?

S: No, my favourite is when our friends come over and we carve pumpkins and paint pumpkins. Can we do that again?

D: Yup. But not until next year at Halloween.

S: When is that?

D: It’s like a year from now.

S: Can it be tomorrow?

D: No. It only happens once a year.

S: Can it be, like, soon, though? I really liked when we carved pumpkins and painted pumpkins with our friends, even though I didn’t get to.

D: No. We can have our friends over to do fun things again soon, but not to do pumpkins. And you didn’t get to do pumpkins because you didn’t want to until there weren’t any left.

S: Because I’m four.

D: Well, you’re going to be five before you get to do it again.

S: Nope. When I’m five I’m going to kindergarten. Mom said.

D: Did she?

S: Yup. And kindergarten is a party for me.

D: Is it? Kindergarten is a party for Sven?

S: I think so. Maybe not.

D: Yeah. Maybe not.

S: Kay. Well, I’ll still be five.

D: Yes. You’ll still be five.

S: And I’ll make my Christmas list tomorrow when it’s light out. But I won’t be five then.

Context: None.

Dad: Hey, what’s your favourite colour?

Sven: You know what my favourite colour is.

D: No I don’t, you change it all the time.

S: Well, today it’s purple.

D: Cool. What’s it gonna be tomorrow?

S: Orange.

D: How do you even know that?

S: Because I picked it. The day after is red.

D: What? Have you picked a favourite colour for every day before we get to that day?

S: No, I don’t know what it’s going to be after red.

D: You’re a weirdo.

S: That’s mean.

D: No it’s not, it’s good to be weird.

S: But what if people make fun of you?

D: Then they don’t matter.

S: All of them?

D: Yup.

S: Even tornados?

D: What? How would a tornado make fun of you?

S: By sucking you up.

D: Oh. Okay. Then yes, I guess tornados matter if they make fun of you.