LETTERS: Campbell River’s tax hike

We did not elect the mayor to change the rules or lead revolts on our council

There are rules


All City Councils in B.C. run on a set of rules.

Mr. Jakeway had his say in council, he voted on the budget issue and he lost. Now he is attempting to overthrow the rules.  We did not elect him to change the rules or lead revolts on our council. If he cannot operate within the rules he should resign.

Those who are unhappy with the tax increase should gather together and come to an agreement regarding the specific services they want reduced or eliminated. That will keep them busy till the next election in three years. These are not easy decisions.

Geoff Goodship

Campbell River


Keep your trash


My thanks to Joan Stevens for writing the letter clarifying the role of a civic mayor. This role does not include trashing the city we all call home.

The negative behaviour of a small percentage of the population reflects badly on our city. Whoever gave our city the 184th rating has obviously never lived here. We have a long list of why this is a great place to live.

Perhaps taxes are lower in Windsor but who in their right mind would want to live there?

We need a strong team on council to get us through these difficult times and for the mayor to say, “I don’t follow rules” and to talk about “revolutionary management” is unacceptable. Teams have rules and winning teams have leaders with positive leadership skils.

Knowing the facts put forth in Joan’s letter and reading the comments made by former Mayors Cornfield and McDonell, Mr. Jakeway  would do well to have a close look at the position he has been entrusted with.

A tax revolt will do nothing other than tarnish the reputation of our city. No one likes to pay taxes but if 38 cents a day means we can maintain our services then that is the way it has to be.  Letting services slide now will only result in more taxes needed later to pay for the deterioration that will occur. There is an old adage  to be adhered to, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Dawn Piché

Campbell River


Why all the uproar?


What gives with the citizens of Campbell River? Why all the uproar over the property tax increases?

Did we not have an election last fall where you could have turfed out all past councilors and gone with a group who were willing to make some hard decisions? Oh no, we voted in the people who have done nothing to prepare the city for this day and who continue to vote to spend frivolously.Everybody knew five years ago that the day was would come when the mill would no longer here and that tax base gone. Why did council and management not start at that time to start paring down in preparation for the lack of mill tax money? Instead they just went on spending and hiring as if the day was never going to come.

I hear a lot of talk about the increase yet I don’t hear too much about the money coming out of the tax reserve. Isn’t that the same as taking money out of your savings account to pay for your monthly expenses?

Maybe next election the citizens of Campbell River will vote for people who are not afraid of making tough decisions.

Tony Stubbs

Campbell River


Sign petition


Once we vote people into government, whether municipal, provincial, or federal, we leave it up to those chosen to make decisions for us. We vote for people on what they say they will do and not on what they actually end up doing. You vote for someone because of what they claim their ideals are, and what they promise to do.  The problem is that they ultimately have no obligation to follow through on those claims, legally or otherwise.  Once you have voted in a council, for example, the council has three years to make decisions on your behalf. If you don’t like the decisions they end up making? Well then you can wait three years and try again; until that time you are at their mercy.

Maybe we can change this. What I propose is a petition for both sides. One petition is for increasing the taxes and keeping our standard of city living much the same. The other petition is for maintaining current rates of taxation, and the council directing the city management to build a budget around that. These petitions are located at 674 11th Ave in the CR Consignments store.  The petitions are available for you to sign. If city councillors believe in a democracy, then they will at the very least take the petition results into consideration.

Daniel Franklin

Campbell River