LETTER: Say ‘no’ to Enbridge and Conservatives

Writer says that federal Conservative MPs have failed British Columbians by supporting proposed pipeline

Tens of thousands of British Columbians have opposed the Northern Gateway pipeline. I proudly count myself among them. Concerned residents, environmentalists and First Nations have all spoke out loudly and clearly against the construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline, but we’ve been repeatedly ignored by the federal Conservative government, including our own local Conservative representatives.

The government has sold the interests of British Columbians to a big oil company. And for what: An environmental disaster waiting to happen?

Job loss with resource processing jobs being sent out of the province and the country? Broken treaty agreements?  We?re going to continue to oppose this pipeline and work together to ensure that it is never built. And when the federal election is called in 2015, we’ll send a message to our local Conservative representatives who have failed us. I can’t help but wonder where are they now?

Dave Coles,

Campbell River