Letter: Man Hole Covers


I have recently travelled over the freshly paved roads around the new roundabout at the foot of Rockland rd. I have never seen such precision installation of manhole covers that are as close to the road surface as possible. Kudos to those people, and an extra helping of raisin pie. Maybe the city of CR could keep those fine folks on to fix those other manhole covers in town that masquerade as tank traps. We all know where they are. Thanks again to all, and of course to all the flag people employed therein. It is a tough and often perilous, and sometimes thankless occupation. Raisin pie to them, also.

The roundabout is a huge, (and once installed, free to operate) improvement to the traffic flow there.

Dare we hope to see a roundabout at South Alder and Dogwood? We have the technology.

Paul Bond