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Letter from Saratoga proponent comes across as intimidating

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

A counter and an agreement at the same time to the Saratoga Speedway issue.

Firstly, I am for the racetrack, it has always been there. But, on the other hand, the letter from Otto Schulte (Black Creek’s anti-RV park group fails to see the bigger picture) reads as if it comes from a “YIMBY ” (Yes, In My Backyard).

They have a tendency to have perceived notions that they are special, well-off and go off as it benefits them and who cares about the neighbours.

Normally entitled and have been given every opportunity in life and had other less fortunate to all the hard work for them.

I felt this letter was high-handed and was meant to intimidate and humiliate.

Some people have everything - houses, cabins, hot rods, money and connections, can travel. Others only have the house they live in and would like to have peace and quiet.

That’s one reason people live rural.

I think it may be a case of putting yourself in another person’s shoes and respecting everyone’s opinions.

Dialogue, not intimidation.

Cliff Craig,