Ken Forde boat ramp should be operational

The closing of Fordes Boat launch for 2020 is shortsighted.

Every year the city continues to neglect our small boat ramp, for unknown reasons this annual event to just to get the launch cleared of debris is a shame.

This year the city blames COVID restrictions and the cost of maintenance as to why the launch is neglected yet once again.

This is a poor excuse, as it takes one loader operator and a dump truck driver a few hours, two totally distant operators provide COVID distancing.

Our tax monies are better spent on a roundabout at the foot of Rockland road rather than marine access (just ask city planners).

This small boat launch was ideal for smaller boats, kayaks and other small craft, now a pile of sand and wood that is dangerous to even carry a small craft across.

This year the launch will not be cleared at all.

Albeit we have great launches at Big Rock and at Discovery Harbour. We are all forced to travel through the world’s slowest construction site, through an area that is posted detour June through November to gain access.’

Just try and find a non-existent spot to park after traversing the construction gauntlet, You will very disappointed.

It defies logic that a viable resource is unusable.

Our local government needs to keep our marine community viable as it generates tens of thousands of much-needed dollars to our local economy.

By clearing all access points to the sea and providing much-needed boat trailer parking our community would have safe and viable options for recreation.

The benefits go far beyond the weekend boater.

We need to hold those responsible and accountable for these assets, by lobbing through social media, letter writing and telephone, that action is required to maintain and improve boat launches within the city.

Please contact:


Andy Adams


Phone: 250-286-5708

Tom Joyce

Campbell Riverfishing