It’s okay rain, don’t listen to naysayers, I love you

MIKE'S MUSINGS: Like anything, rain gets annoying when it’s just a constant in your life

When the rain started last week, there were cries of, “Nooooooooo! I’m not ready for summer to be over!”

There were a few, much quieter voices who said the opposite, but I have a feeling that in a few months, when it rains more often than it doesn’t (or seems that way, anyway), most of the latter will be gone, and people will generally be all gloomy about it.

Don’t take it personally, rain. It’s not their fault. They just don’t know you like I do.

Like anything, rain gets annoying when it’s just a constant in your life.

But think about all the constants in your life and how unhappy you would be without them [cue hopefully-lighthearted joke about spouse/kids].

Better yet, picture a winter full of kicking through snowdrifts to get your mail and icicles forming on your eyelids from the driving wind freezing the condensation of your breath to your face.

Picture having to listen to the radio in the morning to see if you’re allowed to go outside or if you’ll die if you do.

I’ve lived in that. More than once. For many years.

It’s more than unpleasant.

A constant drizzle of rain does nothing but make me question if I want to go golfing as often as I do in the middle of summer.

That’s it.

I suppose it causes the roads to be a little more slippery.

Just slow down. It’s good for you to stop being in such a big hurry all the time, anyway.

Alright, so I guess, “It’s so much worse in other places,” isn’t a very good reason to be okay with something.

Well, how about this: Rain is life.

We live in what could be considered (and most of us agree is) the most beautiful place in one of the best countries in the world.

How do you suppose it got that way?

The beauty and lifestyle we enjoy here is a direct result of the rain that annoys us.

It causes the growth of the forests we hike in and it causes the streams we fish in to flow down from the mountains we love looking at.

It’s the cause of all the reasons we love this place.

And it’s warm.

I know, I did the temperature thing already, but seriously, is there anything better than walking around in a rain that doesn’t chill you to the bone, face turned up to the sky, letting it run off your face and into the earth below?

A cleansing shower from nature.



Next time it starts raining I’m going outside to appreciate it.

I hope I see a few of you out there doing the same.