I’m not the Grinch I’m made out to be

Reporter and columnist Mike Davies explains his attitude towards the holiday season

I’m thought of, by some, as a bit of a downer in terms of celebrating the holidays.

I just don’t believe in commemorating the end of the year for the last fifth of it, is all.

Is that so wrong? Can’t we do it for, like, a week, maybe?

Also, I guess I don’t like it when everything smells like cinnamon (or whatever that smell is that seems to be everywhere in December).

And I don’t like Christmas carols being everywhere so you can’t get away from them even if you try. I don’t really even like Mandarin oranges that much. Or candy canes. Or bows. Or snow (not that we get much of that here, but it’s definitely a theme that pervades all the images, movies and store displays). Or glitter.  I can’t stand gingerbread.

Wow. I guess maybe I’m more of a downer than I thought, now that I’m typing out all the things I don’t like about the season.

I can appreciate why people like these things, though. I really can. They’re just not for me.

I love my family and friends, and I love what the season means in terms of being joyful and thankful for what – and who – you have in your life, I just can’t get into the frills and ancillary things that come along with it. I can even appreciate that some (okay, many) people love that aspect of this time of year. They love all the things I hate. I get that.

The world would be a pretty dull place, after all, if we all liked the same things.

Wait, back up. I have to add another thing I hate about this season.

I hate the scumbag losers who go around vandalizing or stealing things from people’s Christmas displays.

These festive extravaganzas might not be my cup of tea, as they say, but I appreciate the effort, enthusiasm and (especially) cost that people put into their holiday displays, and despite not wanting one myself, I respect those who do.

But I guess that’s just because I respect people, in general.

Some people don’t, it seems. Every year, without fail, displays get knocked around, thinned out or broken up by certain members of our community. Probably every other community, too. I hate disrespect more than I hate gingerbread.

I hate disrespect more than I hate glitter – and I really, truly, hate glitter.

Please report suspicious activity when you see it. Watch your social media streams for people reporting stolen decorations, and if you have decorations stolen, share that information with the public however you can.

Like I said, this is the time of year for love, respect, charity, acknowledgement and joy.

Spread that. Just look out for each other – even when that means helping surround one newspaper guy with things he doesn’t like.

Because respect for people and love of community are far more important than my own petty distaste for celebratory frills.