I take no pleasure in being fleeced repeatedly by ICBC

With regard to the lack of progress at ICBC…

Our Attorney General has described the situation at ICBC as a dumpster fire. However, his approach to the fire appears to be picking items from the dumpster not yet aflame and ignoring the fire.

The onerous rates charged for the required basic insurance have not become less of a burden for drivers who have an accident and ticket free record for over 20 years.

I take no pleasure in being fleeced repeatedly to cover the expenses of those whose driving skills resemble those of a demolition derby, crash-to-pass contestant. Ineffective penalties for distracted driving, not removing perennial offenders of the Motor Vehicle Act from the road and rewarding undeserving executives with ridiculous bonuses need to be addressed.

The rates are unrealistic and unfair.

Private insurance offers significantly better rates for optional coverage and the forced basic coverage, if not unconstitutional is, at the very least, unethical.

Instead, our Attorney General directs his efforts to some half baked, airy fairy restructuring of our electoral system. The only result in the next election as far as I’m concerned is that the New Do Little Party will no longer receive my support. After over 40 years of supporting them, their governance leaves me unimpressed.

Inaction on the ICBC situation, the Proportional Representation Tomfoolery and their meddling in the finances of the populace via the speculation tax have given me pause. I shall be looking elsewhere to put my support in the future.

Given the tenuous hold on power the NDP have, I should think that they would look more closely at not alienating their core support.

Martin Richards