I liked the old Facebook


Marc’s spin is just that…spin. “What happens when a company has more power than countries,” the Oct. 27 Opinion is more spin than opinion because it is totally one-sided.

In what way was the Jan. 6 mostly-peaceful protest (as CNN has called the BLM riots) a coup attempt? There was no attempt to overthrow the government. Overthrow a few chairs, maybe. Even the FBI said as much.

As for Facebook having power, who cares? I liked the old Facebook where you could post almost anything, a true public square. Now everything must pass the artificial intelligence programmed by a board of woke control freaks. Groups and newsfeeds must also please the Democrat Party overseers (or else we’ll break FB up!). Remember Hunter’s laptop? Squashed by FB and Twitter. Glenn Greenwald, a real journalist who helped Edward Snowden reveal the surveillance state, says as much.

Marc Kitteringham, having read ‘1984,’ should be more careful with his Newspeak.

Martin Macdonald

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