I hope you appreciate the members of your fire department: letter


On May 20, I had the privilege of being invited to a memorial service at Sutton’s Funeral Home. With the pandemic restrictions, only 10 people were permitted to attend the service inside.

The occasion was to honour Ben whom I had known for well over 25 years. Ben’s mom and his sister as well as a few of us who had known Ben were in attendance.

Ben had done volunteering at the Campbell River Fire Station in previous years. Outside there were about 12 to 15 members of the fire department who came to honour Ben; all dressed in their office attire (hat, jacket etc.). Some, if not many likely showed up on a day off. I noticed that there was no media there to do interviews and take photos, so this wasn’t a PR move. Seeing this was an emotional experience for me. And two members of the fire department were part of a group of ten, one of whom spoke and shared some memories of Ben.

I hope you folks living in Campbell River appreciate all the members of your fire department as I do. Perhaps you could send an occasional card of thanks telling them how much you do appreciate them. I know your cards would be gratefully received.

Terry Boyle,


Campbell River