I expect an area designated for all to be a safe place – letter


Re: In response to the Spirit Square roof removal.

I agree wholeheartedly with the removal.

Crossing from Tyee Plaza to the other side of Shoppers Row was very scary while the ‘vulnerable’ were camped there.

Mental health and drug/alcohol issues meant fights and arguments breaking out a lot of the time.

I never felt safe and had to walk to the other end of the parking lot so as to avoid Spirit Square. Often I was accosted by people after money. I was uncomfortable and afraid.

Spirit Square is for all Campbell River residents, not just the “vulnerable.”

If these people could behave accordingly and not litter the place it would be one thing, but antisocial behaviour is not fair on peace loving and law abiding residents.

We pay our taxes and expect an area designated for all to be a safe place.

There seems to be all kinds of help for these people, and no consideration for the rest of us.

Sally Maxwell

Campbell River

Campbell RiverHomeless