I did double-take when I saw the sawmill idea

Promotion of a high speed sawmill made me read the item twice in disbelief

I noticed and read the headline in your Feb. 1 edition regarding a path to prosperity.

Most were just feel good words but Minister Pat Bell’s promotion of a high speed sawmill made me read the item twice in disbelief. There was a very modern sawmill located at Duncan Bay that operated for over 30 years and would still be there today except for the following problems:

1. Dependable log supply.

2. City taxation.

3. Satisfied work force.

4. Costs of finsihed product that can compete with offshore mills.

In the past few years Raven Lumber, Fields, Elk Falls and other minor mills have had to close due to some or all of the above mentioned problems. The economic reality has changed over the past few years. If the employees and city government had taken more action to the problems of Catalyst, that mill might still be in operation paying taxes and saleries into our comunity. None of us likes to take less, but the $80 per ton costs that Catalyst were seeking would still pay a wage far above Walmart or McDonalds.

Lawrence Foort.