I am not sure I will ever understand City of Campbell River

Re: “Highway 19A improvements get city staff backing” – Feb. 10

Sean Smith:

I am not sure I will ever understand City of Campbell River – City Hall and it’s priorities.

Even after seeing the damage that can happen after a major earthquake (and the ever increasing number of quakes in our area) and after seeing what flooding would look like in the downtown, should the John Hart Dam burst, the Fire Hall is STILL number 4 on the list of priorities……behind compost? One would think that ensuring the community’s emergency services would actually be able to deliver those services, in an emergency, would be of higher priority.

Jane Davies:

Can’t argue with that Sean…if prettying up the highway is needed then just get the owners of the many run down properties along the highway to tidy them up, they spoil the look of the drive into town. Once that is done and the fire hall is upgraded then maybe look at upgrading the highway. To do it without sorting out the overgrown vacant lots and the crappy dwellings is just like putting lipstick on a pig!

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