Hazardous traffic situation could have been avoided


In regards to the sewer upgrades between Twillingate Road and Maryland Road, the current traffic situation could have been easily avoided with proper planning and signage.

Initially, the signage was put in the wrong place, the mobile sign was located at a place where, by the time people saw it, they were trapped. All other signage (orange triangular detour signs) are understated. The mobile sign has been relocated approximately 100 metres north of Erikson Road and but the detour message comes off as merely a suggestion, as does other signage.

I suggest two things.

Firstly, a large sign saying “Highway Closed, Local and Business Traffic only. All other Traffic use Erikson Road.”

Secondly, the right of way between Willow Creek Road and The Maryland Subdivision should be opened. This would allow residents of Wayne, Dahl, and Country Aire an alternative way in and out.

Once phase two begins (which I assume is Twillingate North to Barlow), the situation will become worse for residents of the Wayne, Dahl, Country Aire subdivision.

I can cite two safety issues the I have experienced. This morning when traffic was backed up from Twllingate to Ken Forde Park, I turned left off Dahl Road heading northbound. As I drove northbound, a vehicle in the southbound lane attempted a U-turn right in front of me close enough that I had to emergency brake to avoid collision. The second incident, I turned left off of Dahl to head northbound, as I entered the northbound lane, a motorcyclist heading southbound in the northbound lane almost hit me head-on had I not swerved to avoid collision.

James Bifano

Campbell River

Campbell River