Has our ‘green thumb’ turned brown?

The city's south entrance looks disgraceful. It says: No one's home or no one cares

In the interest of diversifying the economy, perhaps another line could be added to the welcoming sign at the south end of the city. It could read: Drop off your scrap metal here!

We’re kidding, of course, but the busiest entryway to our beautiful city is an eyesore.

The large industrial-style grey-metal sign was never an eye-pleaser and provides a vivid contrast to Nanaimo’s well-done entrance signs; which is ironic given that the City of Nanaimo generally resembles one long strip mall.

But we digress.

Our ugly sign was helped out by the beautiful garden of annuals planted in foreground plot. One year a diligent and esthetically-minded city gardener even managed to arrange the flowers in the colours and style of the city’s logo. Nice.

But with this year’s tax hikes and spending cutbacks, the nice little garden plot has gone to grass and weeds. It’s also overgrown and gives visitors the distinct impression that either no one is home or nobody cares.

That’s disheartening especially after the last few years of entering, and receiving accolades, for the national Communities in Bloom contest. It’s as if the city’s collective “green thumb” suddenly turned brown.

The city obviously cannot afford these little “frills” so why can’t the job of gardening our entrances be turned over to the Campbell River Garden Club or other volunteers?

They would do a great job and would take pride in their work. And perhaps they could even run a few flowering vines over that hideous sign.