Government does not have your interests in mind

Not unless you are one of the few big business owners in B.C.

You think that this government we have is doing things for your best interests?

Well think again, not unless you are one of the few big business owners in B.C. Perfect example of this is what they are allowing the two owners of Park Place do to the people at New Horizons. Not only taking basic human rights away like the right to earn a decent living, but also the right to have union representation. In reality we would not need these unions if employers weren’t so ruthless and greedy and we had governments that were fare to all. How can the government allow a few people disrupt so many other people’s lives for the sake of profit, people that already have more money than they could spend in a lifetime and are so greedy to get more and don’t care how or where it comes from?

As for the people that are employed in New Horizons, the employer purchased this business and told all the employees in a meeting what a great job they were doing, keep up the good work and was not planning to change anything. A few months later, Merry Christmas here is your layoff notices. We are bringing a contractor to take your jobs for less money and benefits and get rid of the union; you can apply for your jobs thru the new contractor. These people already make less money than most others in this industry and also work under staffed and they do not even have time to take their breaks during their work days, but never complained, they are devoted to their jobs and the people they care for. They work hard doing and cleaning things that make me shiver just thinking about, but did the job without a complaint. Is this their reward, Is this is the way to look after your employees? I can’t imagine how much they care about the clients in this facility. The words profit and health care in the same sentence scares the hell out of me. Profit is the driving force not care!

Tim Samuels

Campbell River