Why not join Mirror fishing columnist Don Daniels for a fly-tying session in the new year? Photo by Don Daniels

Fly tying for beginners: keep it simple and fun

Join Mirror columnist Don Daniels at the library in the new year to learn or practice fly-tying

My free fly-tying sessions at the Campbell River library give me a chance to both meet newcomers to Campbell River as well as mingle with old friends.

My two hour sessions are designed to give the people free instructions to building a fly and most important have fun and learn at their own pace. I get some interesting questions and it’s a chance to give those people a basic start to an interesting hobby to keep them active at the vise and tie a fly and go fishing.

But can’t do it without some help I’ve had. Here are some examples.

A grandfather or dad may have tied flies in the past and they may have passed on and the fly kit and materials is stored in garage or basement and never used again.

Linda from the Sayward post office donated a fly vise with materials and I will use it to teach beginners the starting point to building a fly and get fishing for trout and salmon.

One of my senior tiers had passed on and the family donated his kit to me and we distributed the materials to people who come out and the materials get used up.

Last week I was up at the new library in Sayward and, wow, its spacious with an activity room for putting on a fly tying session in the new year with dates to be determined.

I have confirmed the last Sunday in January, February and March for the beginners fly tying sessions at the Campbell River library from 1 to 3 p.m.

As always, it’s free to attend. If you have a kit bring it along and if you don’t we have one extra vises will be available that you can use to get on line and build traditional on non conventional flys. Its a great opportunity to ask questions and play with materials without spending any money.

During the holiday (and with weather permitting) you will have a chance to get a salmon anywhere from keeper size to 24 pounds and undersize salmon are caught and released.

For the most part people get in and out; within three hours you can get salmon in the boat.

Reports have been coming in of surface herring in abundance. Crabbing and prawning is always done and the better crabbing is still a little early around Elk Bay.

Enjoy the holidays with the family and if you have visitors to our city, get out there with them and give them the Campbell River fishing experience.