Dreadful global record of environmental destruction


Salmon Farm closures: I support the closure of an industry that has a dreadful global record of environmental destruction of both ocean and wild fish stocks.

Campbell River and every coastal community once had harbours full of small salmon fishing vessels whose catch reverberated with jobs throughout the community. Lodges, sporting goods stores, restaurants, guides, marinas etc ….all were once thriving. We have in our comport and affluence been asleep at the wheel. Fish, forests and wildlife are remnants of even just 30 years ago locally and for the entire province. (do a google earth and see the vast annihilation in real time of just the forests). A salmon can produce up to 3000 eggs. Repair the damage done to rivers, creeks and by a rapacious greedy commercial sector including foreign corporations whose loyalty is money sacrificing what belongs to future generations under the camouflage of respectably “bringing jobs to the community.”

The abundance of salmon produced in the wild was in such tonnage that could not be processed and dumped in the woods (history of BC fish canneries). The deceiver is greed and this “emperor” definitely has no clothes.

Gary Prebble

Fish Farms