Cherry picking Cohen report

You chose a very minute portion of a comprehensive document to ‘assure’ us

Cherry picking should be done while in an orchard , not while “researching” compilations of scientific data ( Cohen Commission report).

You chose a very minute portion of a comprehensive document to ‘assure’ us that all is well when it  comes to interaction between our wild salmon and your invasive Atlantic salmon in their feedlots.

You use the one sentence that Cohen stated “no evidence “ of negative effects of Atlantic salmon feedlots on wild salmon to further your  cause but choose not to mention Cohen also stated there should be a moratorium on new feedlot sites, particularly in the Broughton Archipelago, until enough research has shown they will be “ OK.”

Why is it that back in Norway scientific research has shown that  feedlot fish is unhealthy for pregnant women and their babies?

Needless to say , the scientists were chastised for bringing this to light.

Why it is there  a clamour calling for the resignation of Norway’s Fisheries Minister? It is because a foreign invasive species of fish (steelhead ) escaped from feedlots and are digging up the redds (spawning beds ) of the struggling-to-survive few remaining wild Atlantic salmon.

Naturally the impoverished Tlowitsis people welcome any kind of hope for a livelihood and need your money.

Who funds the “ongoing research” you claim shows no harm to our wild fish?

Do you believe it is merely coincidence that the most recent record sockeye runs happened after your industry’s habit of locating active feedlots on sockeye out-migration routes was forced into change; i.e., fallowing feedlots during sockeye smolt out-migrations?

Ed Ivanisko