Changing clocks twice a year is no hardship


Just read your editorial on “no more changing clocks” on page A30 of March 17, 2021 Campbell river Mirror.

SEE: OUR VIEW: It’s time to stop the madness of changing our clocks

I disagree with you completely. Must be a slow news day for you people! Don’t you have anything better to comment on?

It is not a hardship to change clocks by one hour two times a year. If that were a hardship, then heaven forbid you to travel by plane to countries with different time zones. In the spring, just go to bed one hour early. In the fall, “sleep in” one hour. Most clocks adjust for the time change themselves (like an iPhone, etc).

The reason for the change is so that children don’t stumble in the morning winter darkness while walking to school. In the summer in Canada we would much rather have an extra hour of daylight than “wasting” it as daylight between 3:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

David Frier

via email

Campbell River