Celebrate Campbell River

We are staying here in retirement. This community is welcoming and cosmopolitan

It is time to stand up and celebrate Campbell River. My husband and I moved here twelve years ago and are delighted to say we are staying here in retirement.  This community is welcoming and cosmopolitan.

Recently we purchased a patio home at Willow Green and have had the pleasure of working with local realtors (Ted and Terri), developer (Nigel and Carolyn with NVH), trades-people and businesses (Denise and Sheri at Denise Mitchell Interiors; Kathy at Splashes; Stan and Karen at Trendwest; Larry at Madman McKay; Don at Van Isle; Andrew, electrician; Shane, Gloria, and Corrine at United Carpet, and Stacey at Ladybug Landscape Design).  Everyone has treated us with respect and worked hard to make our move to our new home successful.  It has been an amazing experience and a pleasure to invest back in the community we believe in.

Like the local businesses, I trust our mayor and council are also working to make Campbell River a great place to live in.  They have a mandate to show vision and thoughtful planning for the future of our wonderful community.  I place trust in them to respectfully work together to do just that.

Unfortunately Mayor Jakeway’s response and actions regarding the budget and tax increase demonstrate disrespect for our community. This comment is not in response with how he voted on the budget, but rather the disrespect he demonstrated once the Finance Committee voted.  If he had said he wanted it on the record that he was not in agreement with the decision that would have been one thing.  To say the public is being screwed is quite another.  He is directly referring to his fellow council members and that is unconscionable.  To say that he does not follow the rules is troubling.  For those that support this man’s actions I ask, what happens when he bowls over an issue you support with his steam-roller style?  What if no-one followed the rules?

Mayor Jakeway’s comments reflect the view that he is right and the rest of the team’s view is worth naught.  Like a truculent child, Mayor Jakeway had a major temper tantrum. This is unbecoming of our mayor and does not bode well for future leadership. We need thoughtful and measured response, council who listens to the community, and a mayor and councillors who support decisions of the whole.  I challenge Mayor Jakeway to do this in the future.

I am one of the 92 per cent, as reported in the newspaper poll, supporting council’s Finance Committee’s approval regarding the overall 7.1 per cent tax increase for Campbell River.  We no longer have a mill to offset taxes and I am proud to be a member of a community who pulls together and accepts responsibility for building a sustainable future.

Penny Gosselin

Campbell River