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Campbell River Mountie of the month: Const. Cameron Willis

The Campbell River RCMP Mountie of the Month for August 2020 is Const. Cameron Wallis.
Const. Cameron Wallis is August’s Mountie of the Month for the Campbell River RCMP detachment. Image supplied

The Campbell River RCMP Mountie of the Month for August 2020 is Const. Cameron Wallis.

Const. Wallis has been a member of the RCMP for three years and hails from beautiful British Columbia.

Prior to becoming a member of the RCMP, Const. Wallis was heavily involved in outdoor activities and was a member of Central Fraser Valley Search and Rescue in the Lower Mainland. His love of the outdoors consistently proves to be an asset to the Campbell River detachment. Const. Wallis’ adventures in the local backcountry since coming to Campbell River have helped on several occasions when the RCMP embark on files that lead into the spider web of logging roads and trails that criss-cross the detachment area. He is an area expert that we can pull knowledge from immediately.

In the summer of 2019, Const Wallis’ other keen interest in radios helped facilitate the rescue of a man in the North Cowichan area. Const. Wallis had been a licensed shortwave radio operator for 15 years and while on days off, picked up a distress signal and was able to guide in local resources to help the man.

“Const Wallis shows his passion for policing every time he steps out of the detachment,” said Media Liaison Officer Const. Maury Tyre in a press release. “He shows immense pride in serving his country and his community and Campbell River is very lucky to have him as part of our detachment.”

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