Campbell River mayor ‘totally unprofessional’

You should then lead by the consensus and stop this public demoralizing of the people you work with

Mayor Walter Jakeway sure has a lot of negative things to say about Campbell River and City Hall.

I did not vote for Mr. Jakeway, but I was still hoping that he might show some leadership for our community. What a disappointment!  His keynote speech to the noon hour Rotary as reported in the paper is a clear sign that this man has a lack of leadership skills.

He mentions the “toxic” environment at City Hall, well his speech certainly fans the flames doesn’t it?  Calling down city staff and management at a Rotary meeting is totally unprofessional. It does nothing to help the situation, it creates more division than ever. Good leaders welcome dialogue, present solutions and foster a healthy work environment.  His words do the exact opposite.

Dredging up old news like the Highway 19A upgrade or the “toilets from hell” is non-productive.  These projects are finished. But let me say this Mr. Jakeway, I, as a business owner am very pleased with the public toilets.  They are long over due.  The restaurants in the downtown core have been carrying the costs of supplying bathrooms to the public for years.  We have been paying for the toilet paper, paper towel, soap, cleaning and water for far too long and it’s was about time those washrooms were built.

And to be honest, though $90,000 seems like a lot for two washrooms, I have had to do some recent renovations and guess what? Construction is expensive.

These two washrooms are heated, secure, automatic flush, hands free sinks and handicap accessible.

Ninety grand well spent as far as I’m concerned.

Complaining about Spirit Square has become a tired cliche, especially when your facts are incorrect.

The $1.7 million for the square was funded in a 50/50 share with the provincial government and grants.  It was a province-wide initiative.

For a decade the downtown businesses and the city had been attempting to find ways to fund a plan for a new downtown gathering place and when provincial funding finally became available the city wisely took it.

The Spirit Square has quickly become a well used focal point with lots of potential.

It irks me that such major initiatives such as the Hydro dam and new hospital project will be completed during Mr. Jakeway’s term when he had nothing to do with their conception.  I hope the proper credit is given when it’s due.

Revitalizing the Campbellton area of town is also a long overdue project.  I am all for it.

I do hope you realize though that it will cost money..aka…taxes.

If you want change from the top down because you don’t like the job the city managers are doing then make your case to your fellow councillors not to a bunch of Rotarians.

But, you should then lead by the consensus and stop this public demoralizing of the people you work with.

Chrystal Arnet

Campbell River