Campbell River Mayor and council should follow Nanaimo’s lead in forestry debate: letter

City of Nanaimo has expressed concerns about old-growth logging


I read a letter from the Campbell River mayor and council today requesting that the Premier of B.C. and Minister of Forests make decisions about forestry based on “facts and science.”

This was in light of the City of Nanaimo expressing concerns about old-growth logging. Mayor Adams describes in his letter that coastal forest operations are “threatened by misinformation.”

Although I am not myself a trained ecologist, I would suggest to Mayor Adams and council that it is in “fact” chainsaws and corporate greed that are what threaten our last vestiges of old-growth forest, and listening to the Truck Loggers Association’s version of the situation is at a minimum a biased viewpoint, which any scientist worth their salt would disregard in a heartbeat.

The current pace of logging of Vancouver Island’s old-growth forest is utterly alarming. The fact that Nanaimo Mayor and Council have taken this step should be a wake up call for Mayor Adams. If he and his council wish to see the forestry sector continue to contribute to the North Island economy beyond the next few years, it needs a complete overall.

And if the rest of us are going to have any remnant of the Island and planet we want to live on, the Truck Loggers should leave the damn old-growth alone. If forestry is as sustainable as the TLA like to boast, there should be enough second-growth to work with from over a century of plundering as it is.

Yours’ in facts,

Philip Stone

Quadra Island