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Campbell River is heading in the wrong direction: letter

Filed for publication with the Mirror

Filed for publication with the Mirror

Dear Mayor Andy Adams,

I am writing in regards to the recent snowfall and the city’s failure to clear and salt roads, sidewalks and other areas adequately.

The roads in my area, Merecroft, Stratford, hardly even get plowed or salted. My street does not get plowed at all. Windermere .

Last week and now this morning, the roads were horrible. I myself had to rescue a number of motorists and elderly stuck in the snow. Many accidents and the need for tow trucks. Lots of people could not get to work. How are the disabled and elderly meant to get to appointments, grocery stores or just get out? When you can’t drive you have to walk, but the sidewalks are not cleared also. I witnessed people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters have to use the road to get around because the sidewalk was blocked with snow. Public safety is responsibility of the city.

Mr. Adams, you have continually raised our taxes every year since you were elected, but city services and infrastructure are in decline.

The city infrastructure is rotting, housing is unaffordable and unavailable and city hall is not efficient and over-staffed.

Garbage collection. Horrible. Revolving days?

Homelessness, drug use and crime are on the rise. Downtown looks like East Hastings street in Vancouver, and more homeless come here all the time because of all the handouts the city has. That’s called enabling not solving the issue. Free food, free shelter, free money and soon free drugs if the province gets its way and they don’t pay tax.

I can go on with how Campbell River is headed in the wrong direction, but I don’t get paid to make sure it doesn’t, you do. I am leaving this city because of the above reasons.

Douglas Wynd,

Campbell River