Beach abuse continues

The reason local residents are “tattling” is our beaches are being depleted by poaching

Re: DFO response to illegal harvesting not good enough.  (Mirror Opinion August 23)

The reason local residents are “tattling” as you demeanly say,  is that our beaches are being depleted by poaching.

Your editorial states that there is no reason to doubt claims by local citizens as there are photos that show groups of 25 or so of people constantly digging on the beach, filling five-gallon pails with geoduck clams, when the law allows six clams per person per day. This should be sufficient evidence.

When local residents confront the poachers,  their concerns fall on deaf ears as the poachers know that up until now,  they are free to flaunt the laws. The residents reporting  the infractions are not “tattling” they are reporting an unlawful act.

Our citizens plead with the DFO or the RCMP to do something. However, what  good is reporting when no action is taken to stop them? In my opinion, the only cure for poaching is to levy heavy fines or jail time when apprehended.  This is the only language they understand.

Concerned residents are terrified that our living beaches will become wastelands  if this abuse continues unabated;  we will be left with a lifeless coastline.

Georgean Price