Act of kindness and honesty renews my faith in humanity

On Saturday, June 13, we went to Tyee Spit and had lunch at the beach and I accidentally forgot my purse by a log at the Spit.

I noticed the purse was missing when we got home to Courtenay. Rushed back to Campbell River and started to look where we had our lunch – no purse. I spoke with several people and who delayed their walks to help search the area. Then a lady, who was walking her dog, called to me and said that her Mom had spotted it and that her husband had taken it to the RCMP

I want to send out a great big thank you to that family (I never got their names) and to the people who stopped to help and to the RCMP officer who went out of his way to try and contact me. These acts of kindness and honesty greatly renews my faith in humanity. A great big THANK YOU, everyone.

Coby Sherstone


Letter to the Editor