A slap in the face of all that we’re famous for

So much for the previous title of “Salmon Capital of the World"

Filed for publication with the Mirror.

Mayor and Council  for Campbell River,

So much for the previous title of “Salmon Capital of the World’, so much for the famed Tyee club and associated tourism,  a slap in the face of all that Campbell River was famous for.  Regarding your endorsement of new salmon farms you ignore science and facts of ocean tides, waste products from farmed salmon etc etc.

The product and money goes south. I’m very disturbed by your endorsement and I’m sure many others are too.

As a former resident and community contributor, I think you are going down the wrong path … but wait… there is politics involved.. how much money has the Salmon farm given or donated to Campbell River through the Council.  When we see everyday how “donations” seemingly BUY govt, that premise may be alive and well there.

In case you wonder I was a member/executive of Chamber of Commerce, Recreation Committee, United Way, Jaycees free information and street map, Minor softball, Minor baseball, Minor hockey, SPCA spokesperson, regular columnist at your local newspaper, Tourist Promotion Society, Tyee Club of British Columbia, volunteer for hatchery programs, S.O.S, supporter of the design and construction of the Fishing Pier, and a few others I can’t remember.

So sad to see the blinding effect of a few dollars especially when the Council defies the rich history of Campbell River.

Gary Young

Lac La Hache , BC