Young Riverite’s Disneyland dream needs an angel

Braedyn has been invited to take part in “Dreams Take Flight 2012”

Campbell River mom Brandi Stovman is searching for an angel of mercy who can help get her 10-year-old Down Syndrome son Braedyn on the first leg of a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland.

Braedyn has been invited to take part in “Dreams Take Flight 2012” sponsored by Air Canada and Disneyland, but getting the youngster to Vancouver for an orientation session Sunday Sept. 30 and for his flight to California Oct. 16 is proving to be a daunting challenge.

Central Mountain Air has already stepped up to the plate with an offer of generously discounted tickets from Campbell River to Vancouver return and it is hoping some community group will “partner” with the airline to make it happen. In fact, Central Mountain reservation manager Patty Peterson has told the Mirror she has booked the Sunday flights just in case.

There isn’t much happening in Brandi’s life right now that isn’t a disaster. Her home is on the brink of foreclosure, her decade old van is on its last legs and she’s on crutches and off work.

“Air Canada and Disneyland is giving Braedyn the one thing we have always wanted to do for our son. I always thought that one day I would have that honor of taking my son to the most magical place on earth, but our finances won’t allow it at this time. We are in financial turmoil at this time and are fighting to save our house from foreclosure,” Brandi says.

“I have been diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Driving is very hard to do even for short distances to just get milk from the store. I drive a failing van and it has been very cranky lately and I do fear that it wouldn’t be able to make the trip. My husband, Chris, would drive us there, however he works in camp and his pay cheque coming in is the only reason why we haven’t lost our home yet.”

In order to qualify for the trip Brandi and Braedyn have to go to Vancouver on Sunday for a mandatory “meet and greet.” On Oct. 16 Braedyn has to be at Vancouver International Airport at 4:30 a.m. for the flight. He returns at 11p.m. the same day. “He will make hundreds of memories and new friends that will last him a lifetime. I am thrilled for him,” his mom says. “I would hate to think that my son could lose out on such a wonderful day experience because I couldn’t get him there. If someone can help us we will be forever in their debt.”

If you can help, Brandi can be reached at 250-923-7143.