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Young Island girl making rapid progress after nasty fall

Ability to walk with assistance and sitting herself up all positive signs
Sophia Taylor is making a remarkable recovery after her fall in a Ladysmith park. (Photo by Selina Taylor)

The young Crofton girl who fell 20 feet onto a concrete pad at Ladysmith’s Transfer Beach Park is making a remarkable recovery.

Sophia Taylor, 3, suffered extensive injuries during the fall, including a fractured skull, but her progress has almost been beyond expectations since being admitted to B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver after the Feb. 12 incident.

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“She’s walking with assistance,” reported Selina Taylor, the girl’s mother.

“Since (Monday), she’s been sitting up by herself without assistance. She’s saying a lot more words now.”

Selina and husband David have seen some of the life come back into their girl after a very scary initial prognosis.

Her mannerisms have quickly become reflective of a typical three-year-old while overcoming her injuries.

“She gets frustrated when she tries to communicate and it’s not working,” said Selina.

Sophia’s parents have even been able to take her outside in a wheelchair to enjoy some fresh air and get away from the hospital where they’ve all been stationed for 12 days.

“She viewed everything, taking it all in and was happy,” noted Selina. “It’s just amazing at how far she’s come.”

Sophia obviously experienced excruciating pain in the early days after her fall, but that’s subsided considerably.

“Every four hours we gave her some mild pain medication,” Selina indicated. “It’s just Tylenol now.”

As for any long-term effects for Sophia, that’s still to be determined but the signs remain positive due to her early activity.

“The brain is so complex and unknown,” conceded Selina. “We’re just taking it day-by-day.

“All the doctors and neurologists are extremely happy with her progress.”

The GoFundMe page launched to assist the family with medical expenses has now exceeded $45,000.