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West Kelowna resident cycling across B.C. for mental health awareness

Biffart’s journey started on June 5 and he aims to be done on the 21st
(Photo - Third Space Charity/Contributed)

Around a year ago, Sam Biffart got a new gravel bike and it all started from there.

Now a year has gone by and the West Kelowna resident is riding across the province to raise money for mental health.

When he first got the bike, he took a trip with it, stopping at different hotels along the way and started to like the feeling of biking from place to place.

“I just kinda fell in love with the whole idea of (it) and pushing your mind and body to overcome the challenges,” said Biffart.

After the trip, the 22-year-old was trying to think of ways to grow to the next challenge and that’s when he had the idea to ride across B.C.

“For me, the only thing I really considered doing for a fundraiser is something that’s personal to me and that would be mental health,” said Biffart. “I’ve always struggled with social anxiety, and I thought this would be a great way to spread awareness for something that’s personal to me. I think mental health is extremely relevant right now, with COVID and all.”

Biffart started looking into charities and organizations to partner up with and when he came across Third Space Charity and knew right away it would be a good fit because they target people from ages 18 to 30 to help with their mental health.

Third Space immediately loved the idea, got the plans in motion, and set up a donation page.

After months of getting the ride and route set up, Biffart started in Victoria on Sunday, June 5. Just a week into the journey, Biffart is averaging around 100 kilometres a day but has faced many challenges as well from washed-out trails to missing bridges. Throughout the first week, more than 100 killometres were added from having to turn around and go another route.

He is trying to go along the Trans-Canada trail as much as he can.

“It’s definitely been a pretty wild adventure so far,” said Biffart. “Every day has had its complications but every day’s also been a success.”

Biffart also says he’s hoping to finish on June 20 or 21 in Kananaskis, Alta. He also wants to thank all his sponsors for supporting him throughout the adventure.

To donate to Biffart’s cross-province trek, click here and to follow him along for the ride, follow him here.

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