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Water rate increase for Oyster River area

There have been several improvements made to the Black Creek-Oyster Bay water system in the last few years

People living in the Oyster River area can expect to see an increase on their next quarterly water bill.

Rates are going up for residents who are the Black Creek-Oyster Bay water system. The higher rates came into effect April 1, and were not reflected in the first quarterly bill.

According to the Comox Valley Regional District, “This increase is required to assist in funding the ongoing operations, maintenance and capital requirements of the service…”

Unlike the City of Campbell River which bills residents a flat rate, water users in the Oyster River area are metered.

The previous minimum monthly rate for users in the Oyster River area was $15 based on residents who use 1-24 cubic metres of tap water. From there, the rate goes up based on increased consumption: 90 cents per cubic metre for people using 24.1-30 cubic metres per month; to the highest rate of $2.70 per cubic metre for residents using more than 1,500 cubic metres per month.

The new base rate is $18 a month and will increase accordingly to consumption: $1.08 per cubic metre for 24-30 cubic metres per month; $1.62, for 30-1,136 cubic metres; $2.16 per cubic metres for 1,136-1,500 cubic metres; and $3.24 for over $1,500 cubic metres. Recent upgrades to the system include two new groundwater wells, building a new treatment plant on Regent Rd. and a new reservoir on Macaulay Road.