Watch out for film crew on Highway 28

Expect road closures Friday when new commercial is filmed for light duty trucks on highway from Campbell River

Filming a commercial about light trucks just may impact drivers heading to or from Gold River this Friday.

The Vancouver company Means of Production will be filming along the Gold River Highway (Hwy. 28) for the day, featuring the 2013 Dodge Ram light duty trucks.

Between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m., a helicopter will be filming along the Westmin Mine roadway, across the bridge and along the roadway for one kilometre northbound.

Filming will also take place in a three-kilometre area that includes Marblerock Canyon viewpoint as the centre piece.

A third area, approximately six kilometres from the Highway 28 turnoff, and six kilometres north of the Marblerock Canyon stretch will also be used by film crews.

“A local traffic control company will provide both the travel public and the filming crew safe passage at all times while we’re working along the roadways, and there will be intermittent traffic lock-up throughout the window of filming,” said Mel Weisbaum, location manager for Means of Production. “Thank you in advance for supporting the film community in British Columbia.”

The highway is popular for film crews as the road skirts picturesque lakes and winds through the towering mountains of Strathcona Provincial Park.