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VIDEO: Momma bear and cubs caught rummaging for food in B.C. driveway

Mother bear, four cubs spotted on security camera in Eagle Mountain area of Abbotsford

A family of five bears made a late night check for food in Abbotsford’s Eagle Mountain neighbourhood

Abbotsford News reader Manisha Mangat sent in the video from a security camera located on her garage door from just after 3 a.m. on Thursday (May 12).

The mother bear and her cubs walk onto the driveway and sniff around for food near the garbage bins before departing off camera.

Mangat said this is the first time she has seen the entire family.

“The night before the big bear was wandering around my house and knocked over my garbage can and was rummaging through the trash,” she told The News.

She said she has alerted local conservation officers about the bears.

May is usually the month when many bears end their hibernation or state of lethargic sleep which ordinarily begins in the late-fall.

The four cubs is significant, as the average number of cubs per litter is usually one to three. A female black bear can produce a litter of up to five cubs every two years. Cubs typically weigh around five pounds by the time they emerge in the spring.

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