School District 72 is receiving funds to replace one of its aging buses, along with enough money to cover two boiler upgrades.

SD72 to upgrade boilers at Southgate and Pinecrest

District also receives funding for one new school bus to replace aged-out vehicle

School District 72 has found out what their portion of the government’s $53-million School Enhancement Program funding will be: $1.2 million for boiler upgrades at Pinecrest Elementary and Southgate Middle School.

The government has also announced where they are distributing a $5-million Carbon Neutral Capital Program, of which another $50,000 will go toward the boiler upgrade at Southgate.

These new funds will cover the entire cost of both boiler upgrades. No money is being spent by the school district for either of these projects. In fact, even the engineering preparation of the Pinecrest project was paid for by the approximately $100,000 the district received last fall for that work.

The district will also receive $134,402 for a new school bus, which will replace one bus in the current fleet that will be removed from service in September.

Vancouver Island West School District (SD84) also received funding in this round of announcements and will upgrade the boilers at Gold River Secondary with their new $295,000.