BC Hydro had planned a road closure at the John Hart Dam this week but had delayed planned repair work until next month. File photo

Road closure at John Hart Dam delayed

BC Hydro holds off on repair work plans until next month

BC Hydro has some urgent work to do at another facility, which will delay repairs at John Hart Dam planned for this week.

This means the road at the site, which was to be closed Sept. 10 through 14, will be open while the utility redirects its resources to another project, according to a Sept. 7 update from BC Hydro. It now expects the work and related road closure to be delayed until sometime in October. It will advise the community once it confirms a closure date.

As well, BC Hydro will begin the first of its nine 40-hour pulse flows at Elk Falls Canyon to allow for fish migration. This will start Sept. 19 and 20 and continue on the same days of the week until Nov. 15.