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Remembering Bob: Face of Comox Valley’s unhoused population dies

Bob Galligan, whose comeback from a hard life made him somewhat of an Island icon, dead at 64

Bob Galligan — who for many people and for many years was the face of the unhoused population in the Comox Valley — passed away at age 64 on Monday, June 13.

Known around town as Bob the Bum, Galligan lived a hard life. After losing most of his family in a car crash, he spent many years living on the street, drank heavily and did time in jail.

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But he managed to turn his life around, with help from the Dawn to Dawn Action on Homelessness Society. In 2013, the non-profit arranged housing for him in Comox. He had stopped drinking, and worked for several years as a janitor at Comox Mall.

“Bob reminded all of us of our shared humanity, that behind every unhoused person is a story, and that listening and honouring that story is the greatest act of compassion one could offer,” said Grant Shilling, Dawn to Dawn’s community facilitator.

On a personal note, Shilling said Bob was a friend and a “proud ambassador of Dawn to Dawn,” always happy to lend his voice to the cause. He feels a special day should be held to honour him and all other unhoused members of the community.

“As he often said, ‘You guys saved my life.’ Bob, I can tell you that you added so many layers to mine and for that I am eternally grateful,” Shilling said.

He recalled that Bob loved animals, was proud of his Indigenous heritage, and enjoyed rolled cigarettes and dashboard drumming to the Rolling Stones.

“In a sense, he belonged to another era and was ‘The King of the Road’,” Shilling said.

Bob requested that donations be made in his name to Dawn to Dawn:

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