Quarter million in NIC scholarships up for grabs

Awards of up to $2,500 are now available to eligible entering and continuing NIC students

Interested in attending North Island College (NIC)?

Apply for your share of $250,000 in NIC Foundation scholarships and bursaries.

Awards of up to $2,500 are now available to eligible entering and continuing NIC students based on their academic performance, financial need, career interests, and community involvement via a single online application.

In the last 10 years, the NIC Foundation has worked with North Island families, companies, organizations, and charities to provide $1.95 million to nearly 3,000 carpenters, electricians, cooks, welders, accountants, nurses, educational assistants, small business owners, artists, tourism providers, and university studies students across the region.

The money represents a significant investment in North Island students and communities and addresses a tangible need. Last year, 330 students received a total of $260,000 for tuition, books, and living expenses.

Jessie Shannon spent a decade working as a registered midwife throughout Canada, but wanted to diversify her skills and focus on social policy and health promotion. To accomplish this change, she chose NIC’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program for its focus on global and Indigenous health, active political nursing groups, and small class sizes.

While Shannon still works as a midwife in Nunavut during the summer months, she relies on scholarships she received over four years at NIC to set her up for success.

“The initial bursary relieved my financial stress and provided me with incentive to work hard on my academic grades,” Shannon said. “I was able to focus on my studies, maintain high grades, and get more involved in nursing projects at school and in the community, which made me a candidate to earn additional bursaries and scholarships.”

She received the Soroptimist International Club of Courtenay Bursary in 2012, the Ivan and Laura Cronsberry Bursary in 2013, and the Rotary Club of Courtenay – Vancouver Foundation Scholarship in 2014.

To contribute, or establish a new award, contact Erin Petersen at 250-334-4039.

Students can apply for scholarships and bursaries before April 30, 2015.

The awards list and online application form are available at www.nic.bc.ca/awards