Province fast-tracks school-startup supplement increases

Families on low incomes to get some financial assistance in buying their children school supplies

  • Jul. 19, 2012 1:00 p.m.

The province has fast-tracked increases to the school startup supplement so income and disability assistance clients – and now hardship assistance clients – with children in school can receive the extra money in time for the start of the school year.

The school startup supplement is provided to assist with extra costs associated with a dependent child’s schooling; such as school fees and supplies.

Families on assistance will now receive $100 for every child aged 5-11 (up from $84) and $175 for every child 12 and over (up from $116). As well, the school startup supplement is being extended to children on hardship assistance.

Payment will be on the August assistance cheque issued at the end of July and is expected to benefit approximately 23,000 children this school year.

On June 11, the B.C. government announced some balanced changes to income- and disability-assistance programs as part of the first pillar of its Families First Agenda.

The changes, most of which will come into effect later this year, will ensure government is providing the supports people need to get back into the workforce, while helping improve financial outcomes for vulnerable individuals and families.

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