Precedent-setting Aboriginal Education Enhancement agreement close to being signed, sealed and delivered

A precedent-setting fourth Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement is on the horizon

A precedent-setting fourth Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement between School District 72 and the Aboriginal Education Advisory Council is on the verge of being finalized in Campbell River.

Greg Johnson, District Principal of Aboriginal Education and Alternate Programs, presented the Campbell River School Board with the final draft of the district’s newest Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement during its regular meeting Tuesday.

The draft has been approved by the Aboriginal Education Advisory Council, Chiefs and Councils, and the Aboriginal Education Branch of the Ministry of Education.

Subject to the only remaining outstanding approval, by the Laichwiltach Board of Directors, the Board of Education voted to accept the agreement.

The five goals of the fourth Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement, as determined by the Aboriginal Education Advisory Council on behalf of their communities are:

n To increase all Aboriginal students’ sense of pride and ensure they have the opportunities to participate in and learn about their history, heritage and culture;

n Continued improvement in engaging parents, families, caregivers, educators, and community in ensuring all aspects of Aboriginal student success;

nYear-by-year improvement in literacy and numeracy achievement by all Aboriginal students at the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels (K-12);

n Continued improvement in the transition readiness of all Aboriginal students at all levels; and

n To increase the number of Aboriginal students who graduate with a Dogwood diploma. Aboriginal students will develop a strong self-identity and the skills and knowledge needed to achieve career and life goals.

A signing ceremony is tentatively planned for the end of April.