Police issue warning

With the arrival of warmer weather, RCMP want the community to be vigilant when it comes to basic crime prevention

With the arrival of warmer weather across the South Coast, RCMP are once again renewing their appeal to the community to be vigilant when it comes to basic crime prevention.

Police across B.C. have noticed a significant number of insecure premises which present themselves as crimes of opportunity for burgeoning thieves. A common method of entry for residential break and enters during the summer is through open doors, windows, or garages.

“Please take the necessary simple steps to prevent your summer holidays for being memorable for the wrong reasons,” says Surrey RCMP Sgt. Drew Grainger. “Protect your property to avoid falling victim to an opportunistic thief.”

Last summer, RCMP in Surrey nabbed a pair of prolific property crime offenders that were targeting homes in that city. Many of the homes were ransacked during the day when homeowners were either at work or away on vacation.

To ensure a “Safer Summer”, RCMP recommend making sure door and window locks are working and in use, locking the door while working in the yard, closing and locking all windows each time you leave your home, and arranging for a caretaker when on vacation.