POLICE BEAT: Fight victim suffers facial wounds

When officers arrived they found a man lying on the ground

On April 17, around 10 p.m., police responded to a report of what sounded like a fight in progress near the Haida In on Shopper’s Row.

When officers arrived they found a man lying on the ground suffering from facial injuries.

The victim was transported to Campbell River Hospital for treatment.  A suspect was identified and located a short time later. He will be facing charges of assault causing bodily harm.


Theft from mill site


In spite of a big bust in the Nanaimo area a few weeks ago, the price of metal is too good for thieves to ignore.

Last Thursday morning, RCMP received a call from the now-closed Catalyst mill site regarding a break-in. The culprits had a cut a hole through a fence at an adjacent site, gained entry to the mill grounds and then stole copper, other metals and tools.


Excessive speed


This isn’t the way to start your driving career.

On Friday, while patrolling the Inland Island Highway, a Mountie clocked a northbound vehicle travelling at 153 kilometres an hour. When the officer was finally able to pull the vehicle over, the driver turned out to be 17 years old and only has his learner’s licence. The other problem was he didn’t have his driver’s licence on him. He was charged with excessive speeding, driving contrary to licence restriction and failing to produce a driver’s licence. His vehicle was also impounded for seven days and the fine for excessive speeding ranges from $368-$483. This was the second vehicle RCMP had impounded last week due to excessive speeding.


Grossly intoxicated


Calls from the public alerted police to an impaired driver on Saturday around 7:30 p.m.

The male driver was found downtown and was heavily intoxicated, blowing two-and-a-half times over the legal limit.

His vehicle was impounded and he’s now facing criminal charges, along with fines. In total, police arrested three impaired drivers last week.