Paving petition wins

McIvor Lake Road residents will finally get their road paved

McIvor Lake Road residents will finally get their road paved even though not all of them have demonstrated support for paying for the costly project.

The city has agreed to pave the road under the condition that the residents pay 25 per cent of the value of the work and the city will pay the remaining 75 per cent.

Tracy Bate, the city’s deputy clerk, said enough McIvor Lake residents have agreed to those terms that the city can go ahead with paving the road.

“The city received a petition from five of the eight McIvor Lake Road residents requesting that the city proceed with paving the road,” Bate wrote. “It meets the requirements of the Community Charter in that it represents a majority of the subject properties, having 69 per cent of the assessed value of land and improvements within the local service area.”

The city will spend $100,000 of the total project cost while McIvor Lake residents will pay the remaining $25,000. That money will be paid to the city through an annual parcel tax up to a maximum of $669.55 per year for five years starting in 2015 or in a one lump sum payment of up to $3,125 to be paid by Dec. 31, 2014.

The project was prompted by McIvor Lake residents who have been petitioning the city since at least 2011 to pave the portion of road to their homes.

The three-kilometre road that circles McIvor Lake is paved for the first 500 metres off Highway 28 (Gold River Highway) but the remainder is gravel. The road is used by local residents, BC Hydro and the Campbell River Ski Club.

Area resident Dr. Aref Tabarsi has said that in the wintertime the road is in especially bad condition and has described the road as looking like the “surface of the moon.”